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Main directions of research

The scientific work and research at the Institute of Computer and Information Systems are carried out in the field of:
1.        designing decision support information systems
2.        modeling and algorithmisizing decision-making processes in conflict and crisis situations
3.        modeling and designing medical decision support systems
4.        building simulation models of complex systems (technical, informational, economical, combat)
5.        methods and tools for designing information systems
6.        methods and tools for designing databases
7.        database systems and data warehousing
8.        designing distributed systems
9.        building intelligent security systems
10.     modeling and simulation of mobile telecommunication networks
11.     application of methods of artificial intelligence and operational research
12.     software engineering
13.     information management systems
14.     efficiency, operation and improvement of information systems
15.     software reliability
16.     mobile systems
17.     analysis and design of photonic data transmission systems.