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Piotr Kosiuczenko

dr hab. Piotr Kosiuczenko
Profesor nadzwyczajny

Short scienfic biography
Habilitacja | 09-12-2010 | Term Rewring as a Semanc Basis for the Graphical Modelling of
Object-Oriented System
PhD | 25-05-1995 | Malcev' Type Condions for Paral Algebras

Piotr Kosiuczenko studied mathemacs at the the University of Warsaw. Aerwards he joined
the Univeristy of Technology in Warsaw. In 1995, obtained PhD the University of Warsaw. Later,
he joined the Instute of Computer Science at the University of Munich. In Munich, Dr.
Kosiuczenko was working also as a research collaborator at the FAST soware company. Since
October 2003, he worked as a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, University of
Leicester, UK. In 2008, he joined the Instute of Informaon Systems at WAT in Warsaw, where
he is an associate professor. His research interests include soware engineering, graphical
modelling languages, contractual specificaon, formal methods and foundaons of objectoriented

Co-Chair of
KKIO 2015 - 17th PTI Soware Engineering Conference

He was also programme Commiee Member of:

  • IASSE - Internaonal Conference on Intelligent & Adapve Systems, and Soware Engineering
  • MOMPES - Workshop on Model-based Methodologies for Pervasive and Embedded Soware

Projects carried out outside WAT:

  • 2013 SYNAT - Strategic scienfic research and experimental development program: Interdisciplinary System for Interacve Scienfic and Scienfic-Technical Informaon (funded by the Naonal Centre for Research and Development - NCBiR)
  • 2004 - 2007 Leg2Net - Industry-Academia Partnership Scheme (funded by Marie Curie Acon -EU)
  • 2002 - 2005 AGILE - Architectures for Mobility (funded by IST-EU)
  • 2000 - 2002 CARUSO - Customer Care and Relaonship Support Office (funded by IST-EU)
  • 1997 - 1999 FORSOFT - Distributed Systems and Open Networks (funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences)
  • 1996 -1998 ATMTS - Algebraic Tools for Modelling of Telecommunicaon Systems (funded by the Brish Council and DAAD)
  • 1995 - 1997 EPKfix - Development of Electronic Product Catalogues (funded by the German Research Society - DFG)


1. P. Kosiuczenko, M. Śmiałek (Eds.): From Requirements to Soware, Research and Pracce,
Polish Informaon Processing Society, Warsaw, 2015, 176 p.
2. P. Kosiuczenko, M. Śmiałek, J. Swacha (Eds.): Od procesów do oprogramowania: badania i
praktyka, Polish Informaon Processing Society, Warsaw, 2015, 154 p.

Rest fo publications below in tab: "Publications".

Co-Editor of journal: "Computer Science and Mathematical Modelling"

Habilitacja | 09-12-2010 | Term Rewriting as a Semantic Basis for the Graphical Modelling of Object-Oriented System
Doktorat | 25-05-1995 | Warunki Malcewa dla algebr częściowych

Piotr Kosiuczenko - "A Formal Model for SDL Specification Based on Timed Rewriting Logic.", 7(1), 59-88, -, 2000

Piotr Kosiuczenko - "A Timed Rewriting Logic Semantics for SDL: A Case Study of the Alternating Bit Protocol. In C. Kirchner, H. Kirchner (eds.): ", -, 15, -, 1998

Piotr Kosiuczenko - "Timed Rewriting Logic with an Application to Object-Based Specification.", 28(2-3), 225-246, -, 1997

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Piotr Kosiuczenko - "Timed Rewriting ", -, -, 229-264, Springer, Berlin, 1997

Piotr Kosiuczenko - " On the power of Higher-Order Algebraic Specification Methods.", INFORMATION AND COMPUTATION, 124(1), 85-101, -, 1996

Piotr Kosiuczenko - "Mal´cev Type Conditions for Partial Algebras", -, 31, 467-474, Berlin, 1994

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